How to use your phone as a network proxy


As we know, smart phone is a very popular network device, so it is also quite fit for network proxy, but the most phones has no fix public netwrok address, so it is why I built allproxy_app , allproxy_app can provide a stable proxy from your smart phone , with that, your can use it in anywhere.


  1. Download and install allproxy android app.
  2. Set the allproxy server address (e.g:
  3. Back to main view and tap 【connect】 button
  4. Then you should get a http proxy address in the main view
  5. Set and use the proxy address in your application.


  1. Both http and socks5 proxy proxy type
  2. Proxy authentication
  3. No need to root your device


Demo (Old version)

Watch the demo video

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