Allproxy Server

What is Allproxy

Allproxy provides a easy way to build ourselves 4g proxies, it can makes your phone, home PC, home router as our proxy!

Allproxy includes both server and client application, the server application supports almost all platform: Linux, Windows, OpenWrt

And client also support Linux, Windows, OpenWrt, Android(IOS is developing).

Server features

Proxy Authentication

You can reset/clear proxy authentication in webconsole or through API

Accessing Rules

You can set url whitelist/blacklist, even regular expression to protect your proxy.


You can do all operations as what we can do in webconsole,e.g: ge all proxies, get specified proxy, reset/clear proxy auth, whitelist…


You can install allproxy as a background service in both linux and windows

Geneator Auth for proxy automaticlly

Change autoGenAuth to true in config file and restart service.


With android and IOS SDK, you can add proxy feature in your app.


  1. You can set url whitelist for each proxy
  2. You can set user authentication for each proxy
  3. You can set IP whiteList for your all proxy

Contact Me

Please contact me with email: [email protected] , Skype: [email protected]

Telegram Channel: allproxy

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