How to fix “Too many open files” issue

  1. Check the current global limitatoins
    ulimit -a

2. Find the pid of target process

ps -ef|grep yourprocessname

3.0 View the amount of files of process:

ls /proc/926/fd | wc -l

3. View the open files of target proces

3. Change open files value

ulimit -n 20480

4. restart process

5. The above method only works for current sytem, it will missing when restart the server, so we have to change system files

vim /etc/security/limits.conf

add the following content in the end:

* soft nofile 20480

* hard nofile 20480

  1. Change /etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf, add “minfds=XXX” under [supervisord]
  • Restart supervisor


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